Getting Licked cures Depression? What!

Depression probably is the most common disease of our generation, yet half of us don’t even consider it to be a disease. We come across several cases of depression every day, but it still is a taboo. People feel embarrassed talking about it in public. Most of us don’t even realise when we are depressed until it’s too late. 

India is a country with one of the highest number of depression cases. One of the major reason is terrible work-life balance leaving less time for themselves. Stress has started to take a toll on our physical & mental health, families, and relationships. Another major reason is loneliness. As we are getting more connected through internet, we are getting disconnected with real world conversations & connections.

Good thing is, depression is curable. Yes! And there are a lot of ways to get rid of it.
Commonly suggested depression treatment are: therapy sessions, medications, medical procedures and whatnot. But there is a possibility that symptoms can reappear. 
Is there a way where to completely cure depression once and for all? Yes, it is possible.
Ultimate depression pill is to Get a Pet. Yes, you read that right.

Let me explain. Animals are always considered as man’s best friend. They are probably the most positive creatures on earth. A human-animal relationship is thought to be the purest form of love.
According to the studies done over the human-pet relationship by Centres for Disease Control and Prevention, it was found that:
1. People who own a pet are considerably happier than the people who don’t own one.
2. They have a healthier lifestyle.
3. Their blood pressure, cholesterol and triglyceride levels were found to be under control. (Centres for Disease Control and Prevention)

Pets provide you with companionship

Just imagine, you come home all stressed up due to a long tiring day at work and see your dog waiting for you at the door. All that stress would go away the second you’d look at your dog’s face.

Having a pet can make you fit as well. How?

When you have a pet, you have to take them out for a daily walk. When you do that, it not only helps them become more active, but, it also helps you get fitter and healthier with them.

Pets are known to be great conversation starters

Pet owners often find it easier to talk to strangers, especially when they have their pet with them. People tend to get more attracted towards pet owners who own a cute animal, like, a miniature dog or kitten. So basically, having a pet makes it easier for you to make friends and blend into a social gathering. And a person with a good social circle is less likely to go into depression.

Pets have high Emotional Quotient

Your girl friend/boy friend may not understand but pets can understand emotions for real 🙂

Scientists have observed that talking to your pet about your feelings helps you heal faster. It is true that a pet may not understand what you said, but they sure can feel your emotions and negative energy. That is what makes them a great companion!

You will never cry alone

Have you noticed, in the movies, whenever a pet owner is upset, his pet refuses to let go of him and tries to somehow get him to cheer up? Although, there is no concrete reason to why pets, specifically dogs, do that. Is it because they understand human emotion or is there a deeper reason for it? A study has revealed that dogs have become more intelligent with time. They have developed the ability to read human mannerisms.

Alas! Most of us don’t get to experience this feeling of tranquility. Why?

Because we assume that owning a pet would add up to the anxiety & stress we already are suffering with. I know why they feel that way.
When anyone first decides to get a pet, there are many things that we need to ponder upon.
Pets when young, especially pups and kitten demand extra care in the beginning. It’s almost like having a baby. But, the catch here is, you don’t have to do that for two or three years, as animals grow faster than humans. An year old dog can get as tall as 4-5 feet depending on breed to breed off course. A pug somewhere may be giving me a bad look right now 🙂
A bonus, all the love and care you give them in their initial days, they would give it back to you a thousand folds for as long as they live.

So what are you waiting for, get home an ATM dispensing positive vibes!!

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