9 Things To Know Before Adopting A Pet!

Thinking about adopting a pet for the very first time? Dreaming to cuddle your pet all day long while being thrilled with joy about bringing the new member home, however, there are a few essentials that you must be aware of. Adopting a pet is easy but requires a lot of preparation in order to ensure that you are ready to be a pet parent. Before finalizing, make sure that each and every family member you are living with has consented to your decision which contributes to preparing the right kind of environment for your pet. Let us look at a few things that you need to know before adopting a pet:

1. What’s Your Routine

This will depend on a few basic aspects like your job timing, weekly offs, where you live, availability of outdoor space, and so on. It is important to think through all these basics as it is important to finalize which pet suits you most as every pet has a different needs. And hence your routine which change accordingly.

2. Commitment

Adopting a pet requires high level of commitment and you should be prepared for the same. Pets are maybe demanding but will also love you unconditionally, so think about the time & attention that you can devote. Few daily routine changes that will come in your life will be to walk them once or twice a day, feeding, etc. Apart from daily chores, there are few weekly commitments such as grooming, bathing, check up and so on. Adopting is indeed a huge responsibility but If the answer is yes to above questions, then, my dear friend get ready for some fur ball therapy.

3. Try Fostering

When you have figured out which pet is ideal for you, the first thing you need to try before the adoption is fostering a pet. The experience of fostering offers you an idea of long term commitment and care towards the new pet. It also trains you to take care of a pet while giving you the confidence to adopt one.

4. Prepare Your Home

Before bringing your first pet home, you need to prepare the space to be pet friendly. Pets are notorious, and they often mess with the things in your home. Inspect your home and check if there is anything that you need to address from like doors, sharp edges, delicate artifacts, important documents, to name a few. Most importantly, you need to be conscious enough to deter any potential hazards such as rat poison. The smell of these items tends to attract pets very fast, which is why it is time for you to create a pet-friendly home in order to prevent all kinds of injury or damage to the pet and your important things.

5. Vet For Your Pet

Just like you need a doctor, you may now need a vet for your pet maybe just for preventive check ups. It might seem unnecessary, however, it is vital to connect with a vet even before adopting a pet. A lot of adoption organizations require you to enlist your vet’s name on the application in order to process the adoption procedure smoothly. As a first-timer, you might be confused about selecting one. You may ask your friends and family references. Select from among the options provided to you based on your budget and requirement.

6. Supplies

You need not to stock everything before getting the pet home, however, get few essential supplies as the initial days may usually be filled with lot of excitement and stress at the same time. Just visit any nearby local pet store and buy the basics. Such basics include food and water bowl, basic medicines, food, leash, pet bed, toys, and others. If you are still confused about what all to buy, ask your relatives/friends who are pet parents themselves to help you out. Or this could be perfect ice breaker to strike an interesting conversation with someone whom you want to be friends with.

7. Choosing The Right Food

Each animal and breed has a different nutritional requirements and hence in the beginning you have to be careful of what you buy. You might be lured to choose the best-packaged pet food, however, we suggest you need to look for the diet ingredients and detailing such as breed and age. In order to make the best purchase, it is recommended to get in touch with your vet to get the best advice.

8. Research for Rescue & Shelter Homes

Once you have reached a decision to adopt, it is time to start with your research. We recommend you adopt from a recuse/shelter home rather than shop from a pet store. Scrutinize the options available nearby where you can put your faith. The size of shelter does not matter, rather what matters is whether they have the breed you are looking for or not. Once you have swiped right on your new love, make sure you convey your decision to the management at the earliest as pets cannot swipe right without some help. šŸ˜‰

9. Fulfill Necessary Formalities

Now that you have arranged for the necessary things, you are ready to bring your pet home. Finish the formalities that are required for you to adopt from a rescue center. Go through the documents properly, write down each detail clearly so that the process of adoption becomes smooth and faster.

Show Some Love
Once your adoption process is complete, it is time to show the new member of their new home. While the pet is going to be curious around the new environment, you need to comfort them by providing all the necessary essentials. Do not worry if he/she spends the first few days sleeping as it is completely natural. Start bonding with your little member and in no time, they will become your best friend.

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